Find the maximum number of words using the proposed letter.
With enough found words, you access the "Panic event" that offer a new list of letters but less time...


Tap the letters and then green valid sign to validate a word or use keyboard on the web version. (use numbers for fast backspace / ESC/ Enter ) tap or clic on the panic button to change letters.


Available in : french -spanish - german - breton - english
letter initial random list of letters is guided by proportion of occurences of each letter in each different language.

6 worlds of letters

When you press "panic", a letter will be changed by a letter of the same world of letters. You cannot reuse the same word twice.

Worlds list

World 1 : a-e-s World 2 : b-d-g-p-q
World 3 : f-t-j-rWorld 4 : i-l-o-c
World 5 : k-x-z-h-y World 6 : n-u-v-m-w


Ranking criteria are :
   1st - number of "panic"
  2nd - number of words found
  3rd - percentage of found words.
Game stop when time is over or when you decide to leave. There is another reason for the game to stop, you may discover it...

Thank you

Libgdx Jam

Thanks for the Libgdx september 2020 Jam contest!
The game would never exist without this competition.Project made in 1 week.


Thousand thanks to open source people that have accepted usage of their work for that game.
Agustín Martín Domingo for the package wspanish
Björn Jacke for the package wngerman
Guillaume Pernot for the package wfrench
An drouizig for their : libreoffice spellchecker (*)
English english word list is based on thesaurus by Grady Ward in public domain


All the lists of words used for the game are distributed under GPL3 licence except (*) using LGPL.
you can access a modified and a much smaller version of those lists within jar file distibuted on platform as long as you respect the same copyright while using it.


You can collect "Ad coin" when you activate a panic event.
Then, you use your "Ad coin" to unlock game mode. 
On Android, watching advertisement with this button before a game provide also some "Ad coin" as reward.


Warning: as requested in Europe (GDPR), each player has to agree (on options screen) to look at advertisements.