To my wife Christine who enjoyed so much the game since 2014 !!!! Source of inspiration and ideas for game play and design, voice material and more than 6000 game of testing. You would never have played this game without her.
To my goddaughter Hermione for some of the sound voice of the game and some piano sounds.
To my niece Tunvezh and nephew Meriadec for breton translations.
To Axel G, Cédric J, Raphael M, Alexandru C, Gaëtan M, Marc F for their precious feedbacks.

Thanks to Nasa for sharing incredible space pictures ! ( )

This game is based on the great library . So many thanks to the Libgdx crew!

( MrStahlfege + Peanut Panda as Modos of the libgdx discord community // lyze237 for great feedback // john // evilentity // Tettinger // Raeleus for the great skincomposer tool! and many more...)

Thanks to Google Play API crew // Google Ads API crew to allow some of the game features and permit game distribution.

Thanks to open source community on internet for infinite support and inspirations and to for Music of the demo video.