This game is like a Jigsaw puzzle.
Fill the Board on the top left of the screen with symbols to win.
There is only one possible place for each symbol. All games starts with an "already found" symbol.
In the above example, the symbol "number 1" is already found.

Look for an interesting hint

Hints are available on the right of the screen.
      means that :
- 1 and 2 are on the same line.
- 1 and 2 are next to each other.
- 1 is at the left of 2.
You can see it as a simple Domino!

Find case for a symbol

You got it ! With this hint you have guessed that the 2 is at the right next to the symbol 1.
Note that once you have found a symbol it is removed from the potential choices left on the board.

Control : Drag and drop

Intuitive drag and drop of the domino.
Drop it on the correct place on the board.
If you took the wrong domino just drop it outside of the board to chose another one.

In Easy/Medium difficulty, color of the place to drop domino will help you.

Color meaning :

Green : This is the place to drop!
Yellow : Maybe...
Red : That does not look good.
White : No help

Control : Board case selection 1/2

In advanced mode, you will need to interact with the board differently.

Here are the 3 steps to proceed :

1- board case selection
2- valid or invalid
3- chose the symbol

Step 1 Select case

With this hint you know that the "2" is at the right of the "1". So tap on that case to put the "2".

Step 1 Select case

Your selected case on the board is the only one without blue filter.
To unselect, tap outside of the board in the space.

Control : Board case selection 2/2

Step 2 valid or invalid.

With this green ok sign visible, you have guessed the correct symbol for the selected case.

With this red cross sign visible, you want to remove a possible symbol for the selected case.
Tap red cross to change it in a green ok sign and vice-versa.

Step 3 chose the Symbol.

At the bottom left of the screen are proposed the possible symbols to touch to perform an action.
In our situation we select the "2" with the "green ok sign" visible.


This is enough for now...
You will discover also that you can select symbol on one domino and then perform some drag actions on the board or discover the "Bomb" click, you will probably want to use it once you want to beat your best score in sudoku mode... Until that moment, you have a long journey :-) Enjoy !



Each symbol family is hidden on a line of the board.


In that mode two families of symbol are alternatively used on two consecutives lines.
Last line is made of only one family of symbol in 5x5 and 7x7


Each family of pattern appears only once in each column/line.


You can collect "Ad coin" when you win a game, you lose some when you lose or quit a game.
Then, you use your "Ad coin" to unlock game mode. 
Watching advertisement with this button before a game provide also some "Ad coin" as reward.

New high score in hard mode in top 10 Google Leaderboard (means you have internet and don't play as anonymous), can provide you an amazing number of "Ad coin"!

Warning: as requested in Europe (GDPR), each player has to agree (on options screen) to look at advertisements.

Domino Edition

The first version of this game based on domino hints.

Strategy Level Easy:
- it is made for kids and get use to the board, at any moment in time you can find a matching piece.

Strategy Level Medium:
- in this mode you may look at 2 Domino Hint that have a common symbol and discover that only one place on the board is possible for it.

Strategy Level Hard:
- in this mode you may look at multiple Domino Hints that have a common symbol and discover that only one place on the board is possible for this group of Dominos, you may also need to clean the board from impossible choice to discover how to progress.

Thank YOU

This game would never exist without many help!